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Yocha Kombucha was born out of a desire to help people get back to feeling great. Frustrated with her eczema and sinusitis troubles since her teens, Amanda Tan – Yocha’s co-founder chanced upon an article on the benefits of fermented drinks. This led to her digging deeper into the topic and she discovered a whole new world of probiotics and gut health. She started brewing kombucha and consuming it on a daily basis. Fast forward to today, Amanda/s sinusitis has completely cleared, she has had no eczema flare-ups since 2016. Kombocha has cured her chronic allergies. Her positive experiences with Kombucha led her to start Yocha as she was not able to find good quality kombucha in local retail outlets. Everyone who tasted Yocha loved the way it made them feel , and a plan to take the probiotics packed drinks to the people was born.

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