Booth No. : D17

Address : 28 Zion Road, Singapore 247768
Tel : +65 6235 2990
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Allpress have been roasting specialty espresso for a long time, over thirty years. From humble beginnings as a little coffee cart in Auckland, New Zealand, they’ve evolved into a bold and passionate global brand, recognised and available throughout the world.

Three decades ago when Michael Allpress set up his first independent coffee cart, he wasn’t satisfied with the flavour or the attention to detail of the roasted beans on the market at the time. He decided that to get the taste he was after, he’d have to do it himself. He bought a second-hand roaster and embarked on a bold and entrepreneurial journey fuelled by passion and the pursuit of iconic flavour. Today Allpress roast coffee for the best independent cafes in the world. And your kitchen too.

Product Listing


  • Beans
  • Brewing Equipment
  • Dry/Wet Processing Machinery
  • Grinders

Machinery & Equipment:

  • Barista Equipment