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BLEU SEA is a Retail Technologies & Retail Security specialist providing retail systems for bricks & mortar retailers and F&B operators.

We aid retailers in building a new innovative retail model that:
1. Is highly automated and efficient.
2. Reduces heavy dependency on human labour.
3. Enable transformation from traditional retail to new retail.
4. Prevents profit erosion due to inventory shrinkage
5. Allows retailers to focus on selling their products and services.

BLEU SEA has been in business for more than a decade serving retailers. Having a deep understanding of the problems faced by retailers, we assist them in overcoming their issues with our proven solutions.

Our Happy Customers;
StarHub | Challenger | Popular | Courts | Best Denki | Samsung | XiaoMi | Vivo |iStudio Fashion Boutiques, F&B and many more!

In this exhibition, we are pleased to showcase for the first time in Singapore a self-service image-recognition check-out system tailor-made for bakeries, canteens, micro-markets and fresh produce.

Our image recognition system is fast and accurate. It takes less than 5 seconds to recognise and register customers’ purchases into the POS, and is suitable for both self-service as well as cashier-assisted mode-de-operasi.

Product Listing


  • POS Systems
  • Software & Technology


  • Cash Machines
  • Self Service Kiosks